Update after the 1st Day

I hope that all of your kiddos had a great first day back to school?!  All three of my kids enjoyed theirs!  Christian goes to Kindergarten half days, so he was home before I knew it!  He said that he liked the three playgrounds at school, he made a new friend whose name he wasn’t sure of yet, and there were a few boys in his class with Star Wars shoes but no one else was wearing his slime shoes!  So, his introductory day of recess, new friends, and shoe wear was a success!

Christian and I tried to keep ourselves busy throughout the afternoon – he played with almost every toy imaginable while I continued battling in the Summer War on Weeds.  Two days and five FULL black trash bags later, I have only conquered approximately one quarter of the back strip of landscaping…..  Patience is a virtue, right?!  How about perseverance?  I’m hoping to go back out there today in the cool,  rainy weather!

With another landscaping battle under my belt loop, I put a Back to School cake in the oven sometime (the exact time is irrelevant) – it was afternoon, I was hoping to get it baked and frosted before Ben and Alex came home.  Christian was privy to the cake surprise since he’s my little early bird!  Yellow battery goodness was baking when I realized that it was already almost bus stop time. I went out onto the front porch and trimmed some greenery, watered the roses, chatted with a neighbor, and then smelled the “done” fragrance of cake wafting out the front door as Christian opened it to join me on the porch.  PANIC!  I had completely forgotten about the cake and the buses were running late, so I hadn’t even retrieved my kids yet….  Thankfully, the cake was salvaged!!!  Christian came out the front door at a perfect time, and in all reality, he saved the Back to School cake!  

I put the well done cake on the counter, to be frosted at a later time, and then hurriedly made my way back outside.  Ben and Alex FINALLY arrived home!  They were both talking over each other trying to describe their first day.  What I ended up getting out of the excited, jumbled conversation:  Ben worked on a word search of his friend’s names, Alex ate lunch in a crowded cafeteria and liked it, Ben has five “old” friends in his class this year, Alex started working on a coloring page but didn’t finish it, Ben checked in his gym shoes, Alex presented her show & tell, Ben’s teacher doesn’t allow DSi in the classroom but it’s ok on the bus, and Alex likes her teacher.  It sounded like an eventful, successful day as well!

I think that Alex had some first day tears, but this is the most brave I have ever seen her, so hopefully that bodes well for the rest of the year!  She wasn’t happy about riding the bus without Christian this morning (the school staggers the Kindergarteners’ start dates, so Christian stays home today), but she climbed up into the bus like a big girl – I’m very proud of her!  And, Christian has just now stumbled out of bed, which is my cue to wrap this up.  I don’t like to post entries without photos, but I don’t have a theme appropriate photo for this entry, so how about a cute pic of furry kid, Charlie?  Charlie says, “Hello, and have a great day!”



About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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