Exhaustion Had Set In by Thursday….

I was really getting into the habit of blogging/journaling every day, but then the first week of school hit… I was very proud of the Bolinger Family on Mon., Tues., and Wed. We got up on time, got the kids prepared for school, made it out to the bus stop at a leisurely pace, and had a good start to each day. Three days was a good run!

By Thurs., I was soooooo tired that I woke up slightly late, which meant the kids woke up slightly late, which meant we were inevitably running around looking for shoes, back packs, lunch boxes, etc. Making a mad dash to the bus stop, but still making it! I think this was the day that Christian fell asleep on the bus on the way home from school… And, I almost fell asleep on the couch – getting up, just in the knick of time, to retrieve Alex and Ben from the bus stop. Last year, my entire life revolved around driving back and forth between three different schools. This year, it will revolve around running back and forth from the bus stop!

Friday morning’s kick off was much the same as Thursday’s. On a side note, each night this week, I have been exhausted to the point of going to bed MUCH earlier than usual! That’ll help get my schedule on track, right?

Some good news: We’ve all got Week One of Back to School under our belts – it is over and we all survived!

Let’s see if I missed any news from the past couple of days….

We took a family photo for our Housewarming Announcement! I’ve been anxious to throw a party since we bought the house, but am just now (6 months later) feeling prepared enough to do so. Mark your calendars for Sept. 18th at 2:00pm!!! We’re having a casual get together with family and friends to officially “warm” the Bolinger House! There will be light snackies and drinks.


What else? What else? Oh yes, the spice ratios have finally been mastered for my crock pot chili (yes, I use my crock pot A LOT)! My hubbs and the kiddos like a very mild chili, well, that’s if the kids will even eat the chili…. Alex likes it, but her brothers don’t really care for it. And, I like a little bit of spice, just a little! So, I’m constantly trying to perfect the spices to accommodate everyone’s palate. It goes something like this:

2 1/2 TBL. chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
1/8 tsp. sea salt
1/8 tsp. ground peppercorn

Not too fancy, not completely bland, a nice compromise in heat levels – el chili perfecto!  For the Bolinger’s anyway!

Well, I’m up way past my newly instated bed time, so will bid you all a Buenos Noches!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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5 Responses to Exhaustion Had Set In by Thursday….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, regarding chili, when I made mine recently, we had Daniel over and he informed me that it was way tooo hot. I use a lot and alot of chilli powder, and also use some crushed red pepper, just a dash, we like ours really hot, I also use the garlic and salt and pepper. I think I will go to bed now as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nighty, night…spicy ladies! 🙂

  3. Candace says:

    Alicia, do your kids eat chili? And, they like it hot?! Wowza! My kids can’t take the slightest bit of heat, and Gregg doesn’t really care for it either. This last batch of chili had enough spice that I was appeased, but it had Alex reaching for her glass of water! It was barely spicy!!! Oh well – the name of the game in my kitchen is compromise.Sara, I hope you had a lovely evening?! Spicy food, spicy dreams, what-have-you! Text at ya later!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t feel bad about waiting 6 months to have a house warming party… We have been in ours for 2 1/2 years and still haven’t had one! I would love to have one though! Only a handful of my relatives know where we live or have been over to visit! And your chili seasoning sounds delish… Kyle’s favorite dish is chili, but I make it like Pat’s mom has always made it… With spaghetti in it. Don’t ask why… It’s just the way she taught me to make it!Hope this week is a little bit less hectic in the mornings! I hear you about oversleeping. We have the kids put their back packs and shoes by the front door before going to bed so it is one less thing we have to look for in the mornings!

  5. Candace says:

    Jess, Sounds like you and Pat are due for a housewarming party!!! Throw one! I was teetering on the fence about it, but finally realized, “Hey, we BOUGHT a house and we want to celebrate it!” Hence the partay in Sept. :)I had to read that twice about the spaghetti in the chili??!! Never heard of that before! So, does it essentially turn it into a chili mac? Sounds good, none-the-less!I think that we’ll eventually get the hang of this back to school routine. I haven’t sent anyone to school without a lunch yet, although the ladies in the lunchroom already tried to claim that Alex bought a lunch at school with zero balance on her account. Iwas like, “No, Alex brings her lunch every day. Someone else must have scanned her card by accident. This has happened to Ben before. Etc. Etc.” Otherwise, things are going well, I think!How are your boys doing with back to school?

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