Baby Butterflies, Beautiful Day

It’s the day after Labor Day, so technically it’s a Tuesday, though it feels ever so much like a Monday….!  It has actually been a very productive day of running errands, chatting with good friends, meeting new people in the cooking store while purchasing supplies for the housewarming, and checking off other miscellaneous stops on my list (I’m sure that you probably don’t care so much about my having to exchange jeans for Ben since he is getting older, therefore, bigger/taller, and I’ve just assumed that he’s going to stay the same size forever….  what was I thinking?).  Anyhow, in between the “running around uncontrollably with a sharpie in one hand and my to-do list in the other,” I did find the time to make my daily perimeter walk around the yard.  Every so often, I feel compelled to make that walk with my camera because, as you well know, I am obsessed with nature photography!  So, what did I find on this beautiful day?


Baby butterflies!!!!!  From the markings on the wings, they looked to be baby pipe vine swallowtails – correct me if I’m wrong.  This little one was feasting on some delicate white flowers – so pretty!


There were several more swallowtails hanging out on this midnight salvia.


I also ran across several dragonflies!!!!  Dragonflies are difficult to photograph with any amount of detail because they are so flighty (never stick around in one place for too long) and they’re super fast….  This brilliant blue one was content to sit on a long blade of grass though, for as long as possible in the ever present wind currents!  Eventually, he was knocked from his pedestal, but I did manage to get a decent photo first.  What I wouldn’t do for a macro lens….   

In a nutshell, I’m worn out on this Tuesday, that feels like a Monday, and I’m dictating that dinner will be leftovers tonight!  Spare me some heart ache when Christian won’t eat my meal and spare me some dirty pots and pans to put in the dishwasher!  Plus, we have scouts tonight, so the day isn’t over yet.  Happy “Monday-like” Tuesday, which has actually been very comfortable and beautiful despite the wind!  Hope you are all getting back into your routines and enjoying the weather!  πŸ™‚


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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2 Responses to Baby Butterflies, Beautiful Day

  1. Jessica Houston says:

    Love love love the picture of the dragonfly! I am in awe of your ability to photograph God’s beauty!

  2. Candace says:

    Thank you, Ms. Jess! I do love the dragonflies! I used to go to Botanica every summer to photograph them, but now I have plenty hanging out in my backyard! πŸ™‚

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