Pencil Whittling in the Glue Fumes


Here, my friends, is the praying mantis that was hanging out in the front yard yesterday!  I feel like naming him Munchaussen – have you ever seen the movie The Adventures of Baron Munchaussen?  My sister and I used to watch it when we were younger, but it will never hold a candle to our favorite classics like, The Karate Kid, The Goonies, and Big Trouble in Little China.  Back to the bug though, Munchaussen wasn’t the first mantis that I’ve seen this season, but he was the first to pose for an impromptu photo shoot, so he gets a special shout out!


Another special shout out goes to my BFF for her amazing whittling job on this pencil!  You say you need a pencil sharpened?  Your sharpener is ineffective?  Well, call on Sara for a thorough pencil whittling job!


Craft night would’ve been disastrous without sharpened pencils….


It was already pretty scary once the sugar rush hit my blood stream….!  I was stylin’ with a pencil moustache, pencil antennae, and pencil drum sticks (I’m only brave enough to share the photo of the moustache though)!  Thanks for capturing this interesting, yet disturbing photo, Sara!


Craft night was delightful with paper scraps flying, glue fumes wafting, and Maroon 5 tunes jamming!  This is an ornament that I worked on – all it needs is a string at the top, then it’s ready to hang.  What?  Christmas ornaments already?  Yes, I have some crafty Christmas ideas that have to be tested, well before Christmas, in order to see what works and what doesn’t.  I think that these are super cute!


Here’s Sara’s super cute ornament!  I think that these are a definite hit!

I ran  Alex to her friend’s house for a play date, lost my entire post to the intangible world wide web, and had to start all over.  So, I will close and attempt to save this post before it magically disappears before my eyes….  and will post more pics in a smidge!  Quick, hurry, save, post!



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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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