Wonderful, Wispy, Whirlwind of a Week

This past week has flown by….  In part, because the kids were out of school for a few days for conferences, we started AWANAS at church, there was a storm system which included a hail storm and tornado warning, there was a cleaning plan under way (Operation: Clean the House in order to Warm the House), and then of course, the housewarming partay and Ben’s baptism on Sunday! So, it stands to reason that the entire week would sprint right on by…

Well, this could get a little lengthy, so I’ll try to be on my best behavior, but one of the things I’m not well known for is being short-winded….

I went on a photo walk with the BFF and her cousin, Amanda.  We had gone on some adventurous safaris at the zoo, but since the zoo ended their twilight hours for the summer, we had to move along.  We tried some downtown photography with a very limited amount of sunlight left to work with – darn these shortened days….!  

The BFF spotted this “pigeon roost” and pointed it out, as she knows that I love photographing wildlife/nature (no matter how ordinary/extraordinary).  Funnily enough, I don’t much care for birds any other way, as in, please don’t use them for decorative purposes in my fabric, jewelry, etc.  Lo siento, bird lovers!


This is just an awesome, fun furniture sign sitting in the antique salvage yard!


Bathtub, anyone?


LOVE windows, broken glass, bricks, weathered doors


Pile of poles, which just caught my attention because earlier in the day, the Hubbs and I had made a trip to the landfill to dispose of some annoying poles from the backyard.  It was a scary field trip that included a trash bag of rocks and dirt, that broke as we were removing it from the back of the car, eight poles dripping rusty liquid all over my trash bag covered car seats, and some insanely large trucks with insanely large wheels that were SMASHING garbage a little too close for comfort to our vehicle.  Not my favorite field trip….  


The beautimous BFF!


And, her beautimous cousin!

We continue on to Wednesday when the storm system threatened all day long, but finally came to fruition while we were in Alex’s conference about 5:00pm.  We hurried home and got ready for AWANAS, all the while wondering if the meeting would actually happen because of the crazy weather.  The kids and I got in the car and started driving in the torrential rain…. then it started hailing….  plink….. plink…… THUD!  I’ve got children crying in the backseat.  I’m afraid that the hail is going to break something on the car or that a tornado is going to materialize.  

We made to church safely – Praise the Lord!  I didn’t realize at AWANAS training, that when the leaders said, “Anything and everything will happen to you on Wednesday nights to try to keep you from doing the Lord’s work…” that hail storms and tornadoes were included…  At the meeting, there was a lot of running upstairs and downstairs (to the basement) while the tornado warning sirens came on, turned off, came on again.  But, everything worked it itself out, and all three of my kids were able to recite some of their bible verses, which is wonderful to see and hear, and so worth battling the elements!

Then on Thursday, busy, busy Thursday, I had so many errands to run that I completely forgot about Ben’s conference….  this was the first time I’d ever done that before…  Thankfully, his teacher was very understanding and said that she’d just send home his conference folder on Monday.

Which leads us to Friday, which was super, deep clean the house day.  My mom came over and painstakingly swept and mopped the wood floors in the “hub” of our home (where the kitchen, casual dining area, and family room all meet and where we spend the most time).  She helped with my LONG list of chores and we got everything done, including the food preparation!  These photos are what I like to call, “The Making of a Housewarming Party!”

Put a child to work in the garden tub,


while another child cleans the mirrors,


and a third child helps mix the dips!


Ask your mother to do some heavy-duty cleaning, and then offer samples of the party foods while getting the prep work done!


And, you end up with a house that’s ready for entertaining!!!!


This is the GORGEOUS floral arrangement that my talented BFF designed for the housewarming!  I took this photo on the day of the party, took a few photos after that, and then totally lost track of my camera because I was having way too much fun chatting with family and friends!


And, this is the BEAUTIFUL painting that my mother-in-law created on an antique window – it was a special request!  I’ve always loved her window paintings!

I will post a few other photos on facebook tomorrow.  But again, I threw my camera to the wayside because I was having too much fun enjoying the company of my loving family and friends.  SO, if anyone else got some housewarming pics, could you please email them to me???  Pretty please!!!!!

Saturday was over in a blink….  

And, then Sunday came bright and early, and Ben was baptized at church!  It was so awesome that Gregg was able to submerge Ben in the baptismal font!  It was such a special moment!

Ben has made an eternal commitment to Christ, and Gregg and I couldn’t have been more proud of our little guy.  Not even kidding, he seriously looked older after the baptism though….. even more mature than his already “30 year-old in a 9 year-old body” personality!  We bought him an Adventure Bible, so he has his very own “big kid” bible to take to church and AWANAS.  He loved it!

And, with all of that information typed out, for my steady group of blog readers, I must hit the hay…..  EXHAUSTED doesn’t even begin to describe my state of being after this wonderful, wispy, whirlwind of a week!

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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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