Hubbs’ Birthday Weekend

What a GLORIOUS Sunday!!!!!!  I’m thoroughly excited about the chill in the air that allows me to turn off the A/C, open the windows, and breathe in the fresh air.  I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so if there’s a way to bring nature in through the windows, even if it’s just that “fresh cut grass” fragrance, then I’ll take it!  On a side note, did you know that you can make candles that smell like “fresh cut grass?”  It’s an actual fragrance!  Yes, I’ve tried it before when candle making, and no, it is NOT the same thing, but will suffice in desperate times (like the middle of winter)!

Today is Gregg’s birthday – the BIG 36 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!  I hope that my hubbs has been enjoying his birthday weekend?!  

We started out with date night on Friday.  My sister bravely agreed to watch our kiddos, which brings her total to 6 kids, then add 1 neighbor child, and her grand total was 7…..  God bless ya, Sis!  Gregg chose Cracker Barrel for dinner, which we hadn’t been to in ages – it was quite delightful!  I had to put blinders on while walking through the “little country store” part of the building, but my senses were overtaken by everything “holiday”:  Halloween, trick-or-treat, Happy Harvest, Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas – my senses were overloaded!  Gregg and I almost made it without any extra purchases, but alas, I bought a Christmas ornament, as is tradition, to purchase at least one Cracker Barrel ornament each year.  

After dinner, we watched “The Town” with Ben Affleck, which I was nervous about because of the expected violence, cursing, etc., but I enjoyed the movie!  It was a good, suspenseful, “who do you root for” type of movie!  There was enough action to keep me preoccupied from focusing on the cursing and violence, but not too much action that I was going to have an anxiety attack in the theater!  Gregg and I went to pick up the kids from Aunt Alicia’s house, after the movie,  and ended up leaving Alex and Ben there for a sleep over, with stern warnings that sleep was to be had by all children involved! Ben will stay up ALL night long if you let him….  The kids had a fun, busy day and night!

Skipping over to Saturday – we had soccer photos for Christian bright and early in the morning at 8:00am – UGH….  After photos, the Red Dragons had a game at 9:00am.


Christian is contemplating where to kick the ball, who to kick the ball to….  too much thinking!  Kick that ball!


So, he kicked it right before he was overtaken by the mob of 5-year old’s – there were some really serious players on the opposing team – I’m talking “so competitive that they weren’t having fun anymore” players….


 Christian remains happy-go-lucky, as a player, and throws the ball in for his team!


I call this Christian’s “Soccer Strut” – yeah, he’s got the ball, whatchagonna do about it?!


It was so funny because at one point, the entirety of both teams was IN the soccer net…..  Isn’t that against the rules or something?  🙂


For as ornery as Christian is off of the soccer field, you’d think he’d be a little bit more aggressive ON the field, but he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in that little body, so he rarely has access to the ball except for starting kicks and throwing in.  Here, Christian is delighted to deliver the starting kick!

We had to wait all the way until 2:15pm for Alex’s soccer photos, with her game following at 3:15pm.  

***Technical difficulty:  typing my blog outside today and running out of battery power – must retreat indoors and plug into power supply.  Back in a sec!

OK, so I took a couple of pre-game photos of Alex.




Do NOT ask me where she gets her goofiness from because I will plead the fifth!


The kids posed for this photo all by themselves!  They were climbing in the “Sibling Tree” (where all of the soccer siblings play while their other family members have games) and yelled over, “MOM!”  Great pic, kiddos!   Thanks!

At this time, Gregg and Ben were at the park playing tennis, so I don’t have any photos of them to share.  They joined us a little later in the afternoon and were able to watch Alex’s game, but the day turned ominously overcast and started to rain.  So, I didn’t get any good photos of Alex’s game because of the lighting, distance from the subjects, and oh, of course, the rain – no way my  Nikon’s getting wet…..!


Alex and Christian scrimmaged before the game!


Christian brought his good luck dragons for his soccer game.  Now, he has his dragons out rallying for sissy’s game as well!


Alex really wanted for her team to be named “The Lemon Socks,” but one of the other girl’s mothers went to Bishop Carroll (as did I) but she encouraged the girls to name the team the “Golden Eagles” which is uninspiring and unoriginal, but unfortunately, I wasn’t there the day they chose the name, so I couldn’t give my two cents.  I personally would’ve voted for Lemon Socks!



It was cool and rainy by approximately 3:40pm.  It seemed like the perfect weather for a soup and sandwich night.  I made grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids and made potato soup (for the first time ever) for Gregg and I.  I had ingredients based on one recipe, but then realized at the last minute that it was a “slow cooker” recipe and we didn’t have the necessary 4 – 6 hours to wait…..  So, I looked up another recipe, but it wanted me to bake the potatoes for at least an hour ahead of time.  I looked up a third recipe that required ingredients that I didn’t have in my possession.  So, the potato soup recipe ended up being a combination of all three recipes….!!!  I was so nervous that it was going to taste awful and be a complete and utter failure.  I had so much anxiety over it that I burned my first batch of onions and garlic and had to start over…


This picture is not great – I’ll have to take another one when this meal comes up on the menu again.  It was super DELICIOUS!  So, it will be on the menu again!  Wowza!  I’m not a big soup person, but I loved this soup.  Thick, creamy texture with soft, melt in your mouth cubes of potato, and a simple spice mix simmered to perfection.  

**Technical Difficulty #2:  Had to run outside quickly and attempt to capture the neighbor’s wayward chihuahua that had escaped from their backyard.  The neighbors weren’t home, one other neighbor girl got bit, Gregg got bit, and the dog was eventually corralled back into the yard, but she doesn’t have too many friends on this street right now…..  

OK, I’m losing my train of thought, and this post is going to suffer for it, as jumbled as it may be by this point.

UHM, we served up the birthday cake last night.  After two trips, to two different Wal-Marts, in search of a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, I came home with a marble cake with white frosting….  The lady in the bakery wrote “Happy Birthday, Gregg!” on it with royal blue frosting.  Take heed, when a baker adds text to a cake after it has been sitting in the freezer/fridge for who knows how long, the icing letters tend to bleed big time….  The icing doesn’t tend to misbehave when it’s the same temperature as the frosting on the cake.  Anyhoo, I took my bakery style cake home along with a box of cake mix and chocolate frosting.  I’ll bake Gregg a chocolate cake later this coming week!


Royal Blue Icing Bleeds


Ben lit the candles for us – look at the terrified expression on his face!  He did a good job!  Then, we sang and Gregg blew out the candles and we feasted on the cake.

Which brings us back to Sunday.  Church was lovely!  Alex was instructed to stand on the bench that we were sitting on at church, so that the whole congregation could see one of the newest followers of Christ!  Alex was so interested in baptism and the meaning behind it when she witnessed Ben’s baptism last weekend.  She was practicing “being baptized by full submersion” in the garden tub on Sunday night, and on Monday night she wanted to have a serious chat with Gregg and I about asking Jesus to come into her heart!  Gregg did a beautiful job of explaining everything to her and praying with her – my heart was so happy!  And, so it was announced to the church today that we have another child to baptize very soon!

Gregg was over-the-heels excited that the Chiefs won their game today – just for his birthday!!!!!

I mowed the backyard – didn’t even have to worry about the front because our next door neighbor mowed the entire thing on Friday as a birthday present for Gregg!  So, this weekend has been stuffed full of date night, sleepover, soccer, potato soup, bakery cake, church, salvation, Chiefs fantastic fun, with a few minor mishaps thrown in, that I’m not ready for it to end…..  Is it really going to be Monday already?  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Positive thoughts are being sent out to all of you who are reading this to have a marvelous Monday!  El Fin!  Finalmente!  (The End!  Finally!)

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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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