Blogging Hiatus

After a brief blogging hiatus and after a couple of inquiries from readers wondering, “Where in the heck have you been?” I am posting this on a Monday, after another crazy, busy weekend!  Let’s start with the past Friday:  Alex had her first camp out with the Girl Scout Troop!!!!  And I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am shamelessly living vicariously through my daughter right now.  Many of my friends have heard my profession that I always wanted to be a Girl Scout when growing up, but never had the opportunity….  Now that Alex has received the opportunity we are both ecstatic!  I LOVE nature, so it stands to reason that I’d be perfectly content to hike through it, photograph it, and just sit in awe staring at it!  At the camp out, I was able to do all three!

Camping with the Girl Scouts was definitely a different experience though!  We were set up in the creme de la creme of cabins, complete with bunk beds, full kitchen, two bathrooms, and air conditioning – that’s right, we were roughing it!  🙂


I picked Alex up from school a little early and we headed out to the camp site.  Alex was deliriously excited as she picked out a top bunk bed and set up her sleeping bag.  Bluey Blue came along for the camping experience.


We were ready and rearin’ to go on the nature hike.  I used to take all three kids on nature hikes when they were younger.  We had an entire passport filled with stamps from all of the nature centers, hiking trails, etc. that we had visited.  

On Friday, we participated in a nature scavenger hunt and looked at all of the various types of spider webs and spiders that inhabited the “Scary Forests!”  The only thing scary about the trails was the amount of poison ivy covering the land like a toxic, itch-inducing blanket….


Alex was making sure that Mama was right behind her, which I was, “Say cheese!”  Always running around with my camera!


Poison Ivy, Grrrrrrr! 




Here is photographic, albeit slightly blurry, evidence that we were attempting to survive, in the roughest conditions know to campers, at the Spring Creek Inn!


Our awesome troop leader taught the scouts how to make foil packets in which to cook their food over the campfire.  We made stew, cinnamon apples, and banana boats!


Alex awaits instructions for stuffing the banana peel with chocolate and marshmallows – YUM!


And here she is journaling before bedtime – super sweet little cutie!  Alex said that her favorite activity from the day was the nature hike!  She also enjoyed her cinnamon apples and receiving her official GS membership pin, along with a couple of extra badges that she had earned!

We both had a wondermous time at camp and can’t wait to go back!  Wake up call on Saturday morning was at 7:00am.   Everything needed to be cleaned, packed up and put away as soon as possible because several of us were headed directly from the campsite to the Fall Festival to support our Cub Scouts.  Ah, the life of a scout!


Alex and I rushed home to pick up our boys.  We made it to the flag pole with time to spare.  The Webelos shared in the honor of raising the flag!


Once the flag was raised, the scouts all hurried back to the parade parking lot to hop on their bicycles – they had decorated them all in green to show that bicycle riding is a clean, green way to live.


Riding in the parade!

Immediately following the parade, Alex had a soccer game.  Christian missed his game because it was at the exact same time as the parade.  Gregg and I are both joking about ways to duplicate ourselves now!  Christian didn’t want to miss seeing his big brother in the parade, plus he was over-the-top excited when he realized that the people in the parade were throwing candy into the street-side audiences!  The kids filled my purse with their candy harvest!


Here, Alex was playing defense, which is her favorite!  She’s turning the ball around for her teammates.


Alex’s Throw In

Friday and Saturday WORE me out……!  It was definitely a fun time with my family, but I was ready to sleep for a week by the time we got home.  Unfortunately, the household chores were calling my name…. and this is the part that everyone wants to glaze over and fall asleep to……  CHORES…… zzzzzzzzz!

So, a couple of extra things that I’d like to mention instead:
Christian got a haircut last week and specifically requested a “cool haircut” from the hair dresser!  He got a super cool, super cute hair-do!




The hair-do goes very well with his ninja persona!

And, last mention for today, I was having such a horrendous craving for beef stew – probably because of all of the cool, autumn weather lately (not counting the recent 80 – 90 degree weekend we just experienced), and so had the ingredients to make a crock pot stew in the fridge.  I was finally able to work the stew into our frenzied menu as a hearty lunch.  It was tres magnifique!  


Craving has been appeased!  

And now, the blog has been updated!  And, my faithful reader or two will hopefully enjoy what has been written!  Which makes me think of Jess and the double rainbow from yesterday, so one last photo!!!!


Have a lovely, cool autumn day full of hope and promise!

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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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2 Responses to Blogging Hiatus

  1. Jessica Houston says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow picture! Absolutely breathtaking! On my way to work I thought about texting you to make sure you got a picture of it! LOL! Glad to see you are blogging again! Are you using your calendar we got you for your house warming party to keep track of all of those activities???

  2. Candace says:

    Thanks, Jess! Alex was the one who spotted the double rainbow over here and she squealed with delight! I tried to get a wide angle photo of the span of the whole rainbow, but alas, it was too grand….! Yes, I am using the calendar that you gave us for the housewarming and it is covered in dry erase marker!!!!! 🙂

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