Flip Flop Fantastic Trip to Tulsa

Time to catch up on the blog…  my guess is, that way too much has happened since the last time I posted, for it to be realistically recorded in a reasonable amount of blog time, soooooo I’d love to start with the pumpkin patch!  The kids and I met the BFF out at a patch for a morning full of fun!  The kids enjoyed everything from the jumping pillow to the zip line (although I did have two out of three kids fall off the zip line more than once – when will we learn our lesson??  Hold on tight!!!) and also enjoyed everything from the claustrophobic corn maize to the giant slide!


This is THE fall event that the kids and I look forward to every year!!!!  So, we made sure to do everything and then to go back and do it all over again!


Rest assured that the BFF and I are still so young at heart that we refuse to by-pass an awesome jack-o-lantern photo opp!


Bolinger Kids in the Corn Maize – it got a little spooky because turn after turn didn’t seem to get us any closer to the end of the maze.  I’ll be completely honest, the first time through the maze, we took an escape hatch a.k.a. an illegal, man-made route and burst out of the maddening thing…..  Second time around, the kids decided to listen to my internal compass and we made it out just fine!  Thank you very much!  🙂


We took a hayrack ride out to the actual pick your own pumpkin part of the patch and did indeed pick out our perfect pumpkins!


Then, it was time for Ms. Sara to go to work – BOO!  But the kids & I stayed at the patch for a couple more hours and did everything all over again!  I posted all of my pumpkin patch pictures on facebook, so you can view a much better representation of the FUN, PHOTOGRAPHIC day that we experienced on there!

The following day was over-the-top exciting – The BFF and I ventured to “T-Town” to see Maroon 5 in concert!  We had been waiting since JULY to go to this concert – tickets had been purchased, plans had been made, but we still had to wait very patiently for the actual day to arrive…..

So, you can imagine how ecstatic we were to finally make it!


This is my super ecstatic face while singing Hands All Over!


Sara & I did some antiquing in the morning – we have a special affinity for old windows, big bead jewelry, and pink flamingos that fly at midnight….  In case you are overwhelmed by the ancient collection in this particular booth, just look in the mirror and you’ll see why I posted this little gem!  One of my favorites from the trip!


We were working on a special “Flip Flop” project during the entire trip, so I have photos of our flip flops almost everywhere that we stopped in Tulsa!  I won’t inundate you with ALL of those photos, but they do serve a purpose for one of my upcoming photo books.  In other news, Chick-fil-A DOES have the most tasty chicken ever – No mayonnaise required!  This was my first visit to the tummy-friendly establishment, and I look forward to a return visit. 


FYI – if you are ever in Tulsa, please take our recommendation, and the recommendation of Sara’s friend, and visit the Philbrook Museum – ultra beautiful, gorgeous gardens!


Flip Flops at the Philbrook


We stayed at a posh hotel on Tulsa’s Historic Register – The Mayo.  Sara and I were both in agreement that the ceiling fan really “made” the room.  I would love to have one of their mattresses special delivered to my home – it was tres comfy!


Sara took this photo right before we headed out for the evening – McNellies for dinner and drinks and then MAROON 5!!!!!!  AHHHHHH!  The concert was EXCELLENT!  Sara and I sang to every song.  I danced in my tiny little confined space….  there were a couple of obnoxious tipsy’s on my right side…..


This photo was actually taken at the BOK Center the morning following the concert because we weren’t about to try to photograph our feet in the dark the night of the concert, plus, we didn’t have our flip flops on the night of the concert, plus, we had to sit on a sidewalk and stick our feet in the air to get this photo – yes, we are dedicated to this project!


This was such an awesome place to eat lunch – El Guapo’s.  Rooftop dining with a view!


Sadly, the trip was over in a flash….  We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory before leaving Tulsa to bring home some cheesecake in a cooler.  I adore their tiramisu cheesecake and Gregg loves the fresh banana cream.  Sara got a piece of pumpkin for Missy, which I’ll bet was divine!  And, Sara opted for chocolate cake, which I’m just happy wasn’t the army of garlic chicken minus the lemon sauce (sorry, all, that’s another story for another day)!

I have more news, but unfortunately, am losing cooperation with my eyes, so will give them a rest and give you a rest, and chat at you all later!  Here’s to pumpkin patches, trips to Tulsa, Maroon 5, and flip flops!





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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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