Day After Halloween

It’s the day after Halloween and I’m still coming down from a sugar high…..  

We had such a fun time though!  We went to church, where Christian announced to the entire, silent congregation that it was in fact, “Halloween!”  Thank goodness he’s so darned cute!  Our lunch at IHOP was probably the only unpleasant event of the day.  I didn’t realize that a chicken sandwich could be quite so greasy…..  Oh, my stomach hurts at the thought of it again…..  Moving quickly on, I spent my afternoon baking up oatmeal cookies, mixing up spiced tea, and making up some Frankenstein marshmallows!  Fun in the kitchen, while Gregg sat on the edge of his seat watching the K.C. Chiefs game.  I don’t consider myself a hardcore football fan, don’t honestly consider myself a football fan at all (I know, “Hiss…  Boo…”), but Gregg has been a hardcore Chiefs fan forever, so to see his team finally doing well again, I was anxious for a win myself!  GO CHIEFS!

Here is a photo of my attempt at making Frankenstein marshmallows.  It took a little bit of practice to perfect the technique, but four marshmallows later and I was ready to roll!  Ben was sitting at attention waiting to taste test any “defective” marshmallows.  I’m seriously surprised that none of my kids keeled over from sugar shock yesterday!  You’re basically rolling marshmallows in melted green candy coating, shaking fun Halloween sprinkles onto the tops, and then piping on melted brown candy coating to make eyes and mouths.  I will use black next year for the eyes and mouths, and possibly use a different medium that’s easier to draw with.  There’s plenty of time to brainstorm on that!

My Mama-in-Law was kind enough to email me her spiced tea recipe, given very short notice by daughter-in-law, so that I could serve up a hot beverage after trick-or-treating!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE my Mama-in-Law!  Put the spiced tea in the crock pot so that it would be nice and warm when we got home from door-to-door candy collecting.
The Bolinger’s ready to collect some candy!

The cousins + Daniel anxious to break out of this group photo and go trick-or-treating already!  Seriously though, the kids got off really easily because we got the quickest group photo ever and then I didn’t even bother with my camera for the rest of the night!  

My mom and dad were kind enough to sit on the front porch and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at our house, so that Gregg could come along with Alicia, Michael, and I.  I was very thankful for that!  The kids ran from door to door, took turns ringing the doorbells, yelled out “TRICK OR TREAT”, yelled out “THANK YOU”, and continued on throughout the neighborhood.  My sis and her husband were commenting on the fact that we had a “seamless night of trick-or-treating” without crying, fighting, or other incident.  I’d have to agree!  Christian tired out pretty early – his bucket got so full of candy that it was too heavy for him to carry and too full for him to add anything else to it!  All of the buckets filled up pretty quickly, so we headed back home to devour the oatmeal cookies & spiced tea, along with the candy…..  sugar….. sugar…… sugar…….  Thankfully, earlier in the week, Gregg had lit the pilot light on the fire place, so we had a deliciously warm fire to cozy up next to!


Charlie Bucket says it all when he meows about the injustice of not receiving any candy for Halloween last night….  poor furry guy!  He looks like I feel today!  LOL!

Which leads us to this morning, I woke up and put the kids on the bus, all the while, I was thinking “Want to climb back into my warm bed and forget about everything else.”  Sooooooo, I sprinted back to the house after my last child boarded the bus, and this says a lot for those of you who know me and my aversion to running!  I climbed back into my warm bed and completely forgot about everything else, which included the grocery list, the backed-up laundry, and the fact that Monday is trash day.  Well, I was awoken by the slam of the trash truck and the screeching brakes…..  this has happened before, so it was nothing too shocking, but I was still in full-force panic mode when I exclaimed to Gregg that we’d forgotten to take the trash out.  He made it just in time to catch the trash man, trash guy, sanitation engineer and saved the day!

Lesson learned:  even though I wish there was at least one more day tacked onto the weekend, especially after holidays, I still have to get up and go about my day.  Got a late start, but have managed to get some laundry done, picked up candy trash that littered the basement floor from last night’s candy swap, and made a grocery list.  Woo hoo for progress!  🙂

***On a side note:  I detest iPhoto’s inability to cooperate with any program/entity outside of the apple-based world.  My blog photos are now blurry, fuzzy, what-have-you because I neglected to export the dang things before embedding them in the blog.  I would love a word with the apple guru’s if I thought it would do any good…..

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I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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