Odds & Ends

It was inevitable.  With all of the illnesses circulating around, with all of the junk food I’ve been consuming lately, oh and considering that Christian accidentally sneeze/coughed right in my face while in the hospital (I think my exact phrasing was, “Oh great, now I’m going to get sick…..”)  Did I jinx it, did I speak it into existence?  Who knows…  All I do know is that I don’t like being sick!

Today, after my three hour morning-to-afternoon nap, I’m actually feeling much better!  Praises to God for that nap!!!!  The cough is the only thing torturing me right now.  Some chores were started – not fully completed yet, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  I attempted to help my husband make dinner, but in reality, he whipped up the pancakes, eggs, and sausage all by himself…!  I did take Alex to Girl Scouts tonight though, so that’s progress!

It’s been a day of full of little odds & ends.  We got the sprinklers winterized.  Gregg had an early morning meeting.  I started the laundry, loaded the dish washer, paid some bills, laid on the couch, etc, etc.  So, now I feel like posting some “odds & ends” photos from the past couple of weeks – a “tying it all up” type of gallery.


Alex is enjoying a chocolate ice cream cone compliments of Coach Mike on the last day of her fall soccer season!  Check out that lovely chocolate goatee….!  The Golden Eagles had a GREAT season!!!  Alex can’t wait until spring season, but truth be told, I’m happy for the break.


This is my attempt at making homemade pizza crust.  I thoroughly enjoyed making the dough – felt very domestic, and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the dough baked as a pizza!  Gregg enjoyed it very much as well.  The kids thought that the dough was too soft, but that didn’t seem to stop them from eating several pieces of pizza each!  So, I’m thinking that this recipe will be added to my collection.  I don’t have a very big collection, so any new recipe is welcomed and ushered in on a red carpet.  


Now, I’m hungry for pizza again…


It’s that time of year again for Operation Christmas Child to collect shoeboxes upon shoeboxes filled with fun gift items for underprivileged children around the world!  We went as a family to the shoebox stuffing party at our church.  


We brought our own shoe boxes and they stuck out like sore thumbs next to the nice, uniform red and green boxes provided by Samaritan’s Purse.  We’d like to apologize in advance to the little boy who receives our pink shoebox of fun for a “Boy aged 5 – 9 years old” that Christian happily filled with “things he’d like to play with!”  I’ve been assured that no one will care about the actual characteristics of the physical shoebox, for instance it’s color….  Whew!


We also brought some of our own little goodies to fill the boxes with – I had no idea that there would be a long assembly line of tables set up with ALL kinds of goodies on it!  The kids eagerly picked things from the table to include with the things that we brought.  Alex chose a cute little doll among other things for her shoebox recipient!


Ben stuffed his box SO FULL that we couldn’t put the lid back on!  I had to inventory his box and actually had to put a couple of things back…..!  His generous heart couldn’t fit into that shoebox!  Then, it was time for refreshments – Ben was uber excited to eat a giant gift-shaped sugar cookie. 


Next on the list, cupcake fun in the kitchen!  Can you tell what this cupcake is supposed to look like?  I was just testing an idea for Christian’s birthday because he wants a lion themed party, so I had to improvise on a couple of things based on what was in the pantry.  But it is supposed to look like a lion – mission accomplished?  It’s kind of busy.


And, these are pumpkin cupcakes with not much else going on when compared to the lion, but let me just say, that a cupcake is a cupcake and they are delicious no matter what!  I ate way too many test cupcakes….  


My cupcake pumpkin patch!


Tonight at Girl Scouts, Ms. Melissa had the girls work on a craft project as part of the annual Festival of Giving.  The girls tied together some fleece blankets for the Youthville organization that cares for neglected/abused children. 


 These tie together blankets are such a great, easy project for little helping hands!  The girls did a wonderful job working on two big blankets and one baby blanket!

And, I think that “ties” up all of my odds & ends for the past few weeks – tee hee!  I’m so funny when I’m sick….  Anyway, hopefully an early bedtime tonight will continue to aid in a quick recovery – I absolutely have to do the grocery shopping tomorrow morning if I want my husband and kids to speak to me ever again!!!

Happy  self-proclaimed Odds & Ends Day!

About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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