Taking a Snow Day

It’s snowing again…. The kids were disappointed and confused as they got ready for school this morning and we headed out to the bus stop (in the toasty warm car). They saw that it was snowing and were really hoping for yet another snow day. I guess their 6 day break from school last week wasn’t quite long enough! First thing, after exiting the garage, we were giving praises to God for our vehicle and our shelter from the freezing COLD and asking Him to provide for those without. BRRRRRRR…….. This is a really tough time of year, for me, personally because I can’t stand to think that a person may not have enough to eat or have a warm place to stay in such extreme elements. I realize that there are homeless people during every season, but when it’s cold outside my concerns are magnified, as I’m sure theirs are as well. More prayers throughout the day for those in need of food and shelter, for those in need of comfort and care.

And, since it is snowing incessantly, I have thrown all errands to the frigid wind and decided to take a personal snow day! What to do, what to do….? Crawled back in bed and got all snuggly warm for a couple of hours. Woke back up again, only this time, to some “theme music” to get the day started. Yes, my friends are smiling right now, as they know all about my theme music! Had an interesting mix of Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, and the Newsboys to enliven the spirit! Now, to catch up on this poor, neglected blog….

Since my last post, the photography withdrawal has been remedied!


This was taken back when we were first excited to see snowfall (Dec. 2010). There was a minuscule amount of teeny tiny snowflakes, but just look at the elation on Alex’s face! LOVE it!


We planned and executed a live action version of the game of Clue for Ben’s 10th birthday party! If you remember, Alex and Christian’s crafty birthday parties were thrown at home, so it was only fair that Ben have his birthday at home as well. I wasn’t sure how to keep 10-year old’s entertained though….. didn’t think that crafts were going to cut it. The Hubbs had a terrific idea – let’s play a live action game in the house! Excellent idea, baby!


This photo was taken while I was in the process of designing the upstairs game board! I used a large roll of temporary window covering (kind of like brown craft paper, but less expensive) that Gregg and I had bought at Lowe’s back when we first bought the house. There was nothing fancy about this game board – it was purely utilitarian as I knew that it probably wouldn’t last past the day of the party. So, we have black pieces of card stock sloppily taped down to mark the “spaces.”


We had room signs, clue checklists, and game cards. Our game was somewhat interpretive because we didn’t want it to surround the idea of murder…. Instead, we used “Methods of Disappearance” as our weapons. Who disappeared? In which room? And by what means: time machine, worm hole, trap door, vanishing spell, shrinking potion?


We split the kids into 2 teams, creatively named “A” and “B!” Each team had 1 adult with a walkie talkie to relay messages (who’s turn, how many spaces were moved, each team’s guess, etc.) around the house. My super supportive BFF took the day off from work to come help out and was our event photographer for the day!


Ben was surprised with a long distance visitor – his BEST friend from Kansas City, Logan!!!! She and her mom, Marian, who is one of my dearest friends, made a special trip for the birthday party! It was a such a wonderful time!


Ben’s team won the 1st and 2nd games of Clue, although the 2nd game was a complete and utter fluke as Team A guessed it on the first try….! The third game was played “Boys vs. Girls” and the girls won! Ben had a fun time opening presents and eating his Pokemon themed cupcakes! HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, BEAN BEAN!


Gregg and I gave Ben his birthday present from us on his actual birthday, so he had to wait an extra day, and I’m thinking that he liked his present….. a little bit at least…..!!!!


He was able to zip around on it for all of one day before the ice and snow descended…. We’re holding out for the potential 60 degree weekend?!? Hard to imagine with the constant snow flurries outside my window right now.


My beautiful daughter, Alex was excited to go on a date with her daddy this past weekend! They danced, ate desserts, watched other dads have a dance off (I’m so happy that phones can record video because Gregg showed me some hilarious footage from the dance off!), and Alex came home with a prized possession from dad – a pretty purple floral wrist corsage that doubles as a hair barrette!


While Gregg and Alex were dancing the night away, the boys and I decided to have an impromptu Mother-Son Date Night at Orange Leaf! Ben filled a bowl with “more toppings than fro yo” and promptly ate the toppings, discarding the yo… That child! Next time, I’ll just buy him a bucket o’ toppings!


And, Christian only likes Orange Leaf because they serve brownies and have fruit in the toppings buffet. He had a bucket o’ strawberries and brownies…! I happen to LOVE the frozen yogurt with my personal fav currently being Cookies & Cream. We enjoyed sitting in the neon green abode eating sweets and discussing who, between us, would win a dance off. Once Christian stood and started his b-boy introduction to dancing we decided to take the party home!


Alex was baptized at church on Sunday!!!!! She had been practicing “getting dunked” in the bath tub for days ahead of time, so she was prepared to go under water. Though she wasn’t quite as prepared to go under cold water. Pastor assured her that it was only slightly cool because the heater had kicked off overnight, but then pointed out that he could say that because he wasn’t going to have to stand in it…! She and Gregg did a great job immersing another little follower of Christ in an act of obedience and dedication.


And, again, my BFF took the day off from work in order to show support for Alex and our family. We LOVE that girl!


We all went out to lunch afterwards – the boys at TGI Friday’s.


Alex’s first Big Girl Bible


Christian lost his first tooth on Superbowl Sunday! He already has another tooth pushing it’s way through! The tooth fairy visited while we were partying at a friend’s house in honor of football, funny commercials, and fantabulous food!


Our host and hostess, Nick and Becky, throw a wonderful party and make you feel right at home in their beautiful house!


There was plenty of FOOD….


lots of dancing…..


frequent checking of the facebook….


and all around wonderful conversation with wondermous friends! It was a great way to finish up the weekend!

Two last things: 1. I would love to post more photos on my blog, but I have to be very careful about posting photos of people who have not given me consent to do so – these are the times we live in…. And, since I don’t walk around with a photo release tucked into my pocket, I post the majority of my photos on facebook and just accent my blog with a photo “here and there.”

2. I have been happily crafting away for the past several weeks working on a project for Craft Hope! The first project of 2011 centers around making birthing kits for Konbit Sante in Haiti to promote maternal health. These kits have basic supplies to allow for a cleanlier birthing environment for mothers in Haiti. They require a homemade bag to hold soap, sanitizer, alcohol swabs, string, plastic sheeting, latex gloves, and then a receiving blanket and soft toy for the new baby. This is such a GREAT way to put your hobby and crafting interests to work for a GREAT cause! If you are interested in helping please visit the Craft Hope web site: www.crafthope.com and look for information listed under Project 11. The deadline for this project is March 1st, so there’s still plenty of time!


The kids can be involved as well! They can easily help pack supplies into gallon sized storage bags. Alex and Ben were able to help with some of the straight line sewing for the drawstring bags too!


Drawstring Bags


Fleece blanket with monkeys, birthing supplies in plastic bag, striped drawstring bag


The most difficult part of the kits, for me, has been the idea of a soft toy…. I haven’t had babies for many years now…. So, I’m still working on sewing more owls before the deadline.

Stay Warm, my Blog Reading Friends! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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2 Responses to Taking a Snow Day

  1. Jessica Buchanan Houston says:

    I was just thinking it was time for a new blog!!! You have my permission to use any of mine or my family members pictures! Love ya sis!

  2. Candace says:

    Thanks, Sis! I did use 1/4 of Pat’s face in one of the pics, but figured you wouldn’t object! šŸ˜‰

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