Cinco de Mayo (with recipes, no photos, plus inherent Hispanic flair)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I had some grandios visions about a blog post today with photos and recipes and a Hispanic flair, yet time has continued to get away from me…  so I have no photos….  but I do have a few food ideas to share and will have to rely on my inherent Hispanic flair.  

If you’d like to make some tacos tonight, this is a nice way to season your ground beef:

Mix 2 TBL chili powder, 1 TBL ground cumin, 2 tsp. cornstarch, 2 tsp. kosher salt, 1 1/2 tsp paprika, 1 tsp. coriander, 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper.  You can add or subtract certain spices based on your family’s preferences, heat tolerance, etc.  This particular mix works perfectly for the kids’ more mild palettes, yet still gives enough flavor to satisfy adults as well!

Prefer fajitas, you say?  

Mix 2 tsp. chili powder, 1 TBL cornstarch, 1 tsp. kosher salt, 1 tsp. paprika, 1 tsp. sugar, 3/4 tsp. chicken boullion, 1/2 tsp. onion powder, 1/4 tsp. garlic powder, 1/4 tsp. cayenne papper, 1/4 tsp. cumin.  I recommend cooking up your peppers and onions in a little bit of olive oil while you cut up your skinless, boneless chicken breast into thin slices.  Then add your chicken to the skillet and sprinkle as much spice mix as you want over the meat and veggies.  Cook until chicken is no longer pink.  I used the whole batch of spice mix to flavor close to 2 pounds of chicken.  I loved the flavor of the spices complimented further by tortillas, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

Some may want to cook up some enchiladas:

The Hubbs found this delicious recipe from none other than Alton Brown (one of our favorite Food Network personalities).  I’ve made this dish several times now, several different ways.  I had to adapt the recipe slightly because I didn’t feel like messing with chipotle peppers.  I’m sure that my children would’ve rebelled had I added any pepper-related heat to the meal.  I also used regular cumin, worked just fine.  And, I used regular cheddar cheese because it is our family preference.  The queso fresco was too bland.  We have eaten this dish with chicken, as the recipe calls for, but also without meat for a vegetarian version.

Alton Brown’s Enchilada Lasagna:…

Still have room for dessert?  Me too…  Not sure what we’re having yet…

I really wanted to bake and taste test some lime bars for Cino de Mayo dessert and be able to add it to this post, but alas, the time flew right by…ever so quickly.  I’ll try to make a batch over the weekend, and hopefully share the results with you soon.  I hope that you all have a fabulous, Hispanic inspired meal at some point today!!!!!  Fiesta!  😀 


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