GenRocket Launch Party

I AM SO PROUD OF MY HUSBAND!!!  Screaming it from the roof tops!!!!  My Hubbs has always worked hard to provide for our family.  He’s an entrepreneur at heart, always coming up with new ideas and looking for ways to collaborate with others.  He and his business partner, Hycel started their own software design company in 2009 called Wild Bamboo Rocket.  Together, they’ve been tackling contracts for outside clients as a team.  In their spare time, they have been designing a product to generate test data for software engineers.  This is a product that the guys believe in, that they’ve designed out of necessity for their own testing purposes, and that they hope to promote to all other software engineers who have the same/similar needs.

This past weekend, Gregg and I were ecstatic to be able to fly to Boston together to attend GenRocket®’s official launch party!  Major thanks to my mom and Gregg’s parents for taking turns spending time with the Three-bies – they had a great time with Camma, Nonnie, and Hammer.


Gregg and I at the airport waiting for our first flight

ImageFirst flight – heading to Atlanta, GA

So, please keep in mind that I’m still sick as a dog…  I got the flu on January 1st – Happy New Year!  And, then progressively got worse as secondary infections set in.  My doctor gave me a second round of antibiotics the day before we left town.  She did not recommend that I travel because of my ears (they were horribly swollen with lots of liquid surrounding the drums) but understood why it was important for me to make the trip.  So, I packed up my medicine cabinet, ear warmers, face masks, and kleenex, and prayed that the Lord would give me strength.  BTW, for the germ-a-phobes, I had been on antibiotics for 6 days, so I was not contagious to the people around me.  😉

ImageI was delighted at this note left by a previous passenger – Zach, 13 years old


As we landed in Atlanta, our plane was sprayed down by what’s called a “Water Cannon Salute” in honor of our pilot’s last flight.  He flew us to Atlanta and then retired after that flight because he had reached 65 years old (mandatory retirement age for the airline).


On the plane headed to Boston!


Above the beautiful clouds…

Things were going pretty smoothly.  Flights were peaceful, we didn’t get lost in any airports, we were on time for both flights…  (Note:  I received a full appreciation for everything that Gregg has to go through when traveling on a regular basis…  I was super impressed that he knew what to do, where to go, etc.)  But then descending into Boston….  my right eardrum burst….  Oh boy, did that HURT!  And, I couldn’t hear for a few hours.  Plus, (my kids thought this was funny when I told them about it) when I’d blow my nose my ear made high-pitch whistling sounds and felt like something was flapping around in there….  I guess it’s funny now that the pain has subsided.

Some time ago, Gregg and Hycel brought a third partner into their organization to be in charge of marketing and sales.  This was my first time meeting Garth in person, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him; such a wealth of knowledge.   Garth picked us up from the airport and drove us to his lovely home in MA.  He and his wife, Liz were hosting us for the weekend and hosting the GenRocket launch party.  They are such a warm, gracious couple, and I instantly loved them both.  Liz immediately made me feel welcome and like I was part of the family.

While the guys were working throughout the weekend, I was either sleeping off my cold or running around with Liz.  We ate at Genki Japanese Restaurant one afternoon, did some window shopping at Anthropologie, Free People, and H&M.  Spent a lot of time at the most awesome Whole Foods Store I have ever been to – HUGE store!!!  If I was feeling better you’d have pictures of all of these places/experiences right now…  I’m actually very depressed by my lack of photography on this trip.  As it was, I was still feeling miserable and trying to heal.

The night of the party finally arrived!  Garth built a roaring fire in the fireplace which provided warmth and a lovely ambient lighting.  Liz prepared oven roasted veggies, salad with hummus mustard dressing, fruit plate, olives, grape leaves, and mixed sausages – all vegan approved.  She and I were going to decorate a vegan chocolate cake with a blue/green GenRocket “G” but could not get our frosting and dyes to cooperate…



There was about an hour worth of mingling and getting to know everyone before Garth started a GenRocket presentation with the team’s video.  It was followed by a slideshow presentation and then a live demo from Gregg and Hycel.  Everything went so smoothly and GenRocket showed what it can do and how well it can do it!  It was such a blessed night!  Gregg and Hycel both gave speeches recognizing how long they’ve been working together, how well they’ve been working together, how Hycel came up to Gregg with an idea (years ago) and said, “Hey, I have an idea.  There’s no money.  There are no guarantees.”  And, Gregg said, “Ok.”  To see how far they have come, with so much thanks to Garth and Liz for their help, support, and expertise, I am a proud, proud wife who wants to continue screaming it from the roof tops!



Giving the GenRocket demo!!!

By the end of the party, we had a powwow surrounding the dwindling fire and all agreed that the night could not have gone any better.  We were all exhausted after the four hour event, but we were all smiles as we tried to soak up all of the positive vibes that were surrounding the room.


Me & the Hubbs on party night

The next morning, Garth took us back to the airport and we headed back home.  The trip was over in the blink of an eye.  I was so happy to be a part of the launch!  Congratulations to the GenRocket team for everything that they’ve accomplished and for everything that they have yet to accomplish!  One step closer to making their dreams come true!

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  1. Garth Rose says:

    Great Blog Post Candice! – Garth

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