Amazing, Crazy, Busy Spring Break

Spring Break started out about as normal as any other:  kids cleaning their rooms, kids pulling weeds in the backyard, kids helping out with extra chores since they’re not in school all day.  Sounds like fun, right?!?  Well, that lasted all of one day…..  and then things really normalized: kids acting like outdoor explorers with homemade treasure maps, kids sword fighting in the backyard, kids creating live action board games in the basement!  531551_10151489721296170_633902535_nThey kept themselves entertained for the most part!

It was about Wednesday when my Spring Break week took a turn for the crazy….!  I got to do a high school senior photo shoot in Old Town while the sun was setting.  Beautiful atmosphere, beautiful weather, beautiful girl!  She made my photo shoot super easy!

Emily WarnerI had way too many favorites of Emily!  Here’s a collage of just a few…

IMG_4378On Thursday, the Bolinger’s headed to Oklahoma to visit the Hubbs parents, or as the kids like to call them, Nonnie & Hammer!  We had a good time catching up, playing show & tell, and having a rousing, friendly, late-night competition of nerf gun shooting in the den….  with homemade, laser sight and everything.

IMG_4392The Hubbs and I spent Friday in Tulsa together!  We visited a tabletop gaming location called the Covenant Store where you can go and play board games any day of the week (bring your own games or play the ones provided in the store) or you can participate in their tournaments.  The owner has hand picked 6 core games that he displays throughout the store; ones that he feels have the most playability, the ones he knows all of the rules to, the ones that are maybe more popular right now or that are his favorites.  Hubbs and I weren’t able to stay and play a board game that day because of our tight schedule…  but maybe next time!

IMG_4399We were ready to go see Maroon 5 in concert, baby!  As many of you know, I love M5 and have followed them around for years now.  This was the Hubb’s first  M5 concert though;  I was so happy that he finally decided to see what all the fuss is about!

IMG_4401Here we are – all excited as we arrived at the BOK Center for the concert!

IMG_4432This is one of my fave pics from the concert!  M5 had a really neat stage and light show.  They had a stellar song set – I was happy with all of their choices this time around.  Don’t make relive the Hands All Over tour in Tulsa when they didn’t even sing Hands All Over – WHA???  Adam played his guitar several times throughout the night AND left his t-shirt on, which made the Hubbs happy.  I thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s solo version of Stereo Hearts!  Loved the fun intro to One More Night!  Really just enjoyed the whole thing – It was just an amazing show!

IMG_4434Well done, Maroon 5!  Well done!

IMG_4430We headed home in a hurry on Saturday (after picking up the kids from Nonnie & Hammer’s, of course).  Though, I’m sure they would’ve liked to have stayed for a week!

IMG_4436And, here we are, back in Wichita, at the Intrust Bank Arena, ready to rock at the Three Days Grace/Shinedown concert!!!  I know, it’s crazy, two concerts in two days…  It just happened to work out that way.  Now, we probably won’t see another concert until next year.  By this point though, we’re a little tired, but still super excited!  We went to this concert with a couple of our friends, Nick and Chris, and had a GREAT time!

IMG_4468Three Days Grace is another one of my favorite bands.  I have wanted to see them in concert for a few years now, but was never able to make it happen.  This year, I bought the tickets on pre-sale, the day they were released, at the exact time that they were released.  Can anyone tell that I was excited?!?  Two weeks after the ticket purchase, the band’s lead singer quit…  Without getting into details (because we really don’t have many), I was a little nervous about the quality of the concert and a lot upset by the sudden change….  But the temporary lead singer, Matt Walst, did a stand up job!  The concert was amazing and I sang my little heart out to ALL of their songs!

IMG_4489Gotta love some pyro!

IMG_4506Then, Shinedown took the stage!  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this band.  Gregg loves them.  I’ve listened to them simply because Hubbs is a big fan.  I thoroughly enjoy their music as well and am familiar with it, but I don’t know it as well… yet….  After their concert, I’ve become a big fan too!

IMG_4539These guys put on such a memorable show!  They really make you feel like they care that you came out to see them.  And the lead singer should seriously consider motivational speaking as a side gig – the man is very positive and inspiring.  He wanted to make a moment for the fans in Wichita with a powerful rendition of Simple Man – mission accomplished.  And, although, Bully is not one of my favorite songs from the current album, they almost had me in tears by the end of the concert because bullying really is a current issue that causes so much damage in our world.  My favorite parting phrase from lead singer, Brent Smith, “Be good to each other!”  Wonder why that’s so hard for the majority???

By Sunday, I was physically and emotionally drained from all of the traveling, music, and fun…!  But I had one last event to attend before calling spring break “Over!”  I recently joined the Crafty Collective on facebook and joined in their March crafting party making Peep Topiaries.


I got to meet some lovely, creative, crafty ladies! Also got to pierce marshmallow peeps with toothpicks all evening…  talk about a sticky, sugary undertaking….!  It was fun, even though I was tempted to eat all of my crafting supplies!

IMG_4590This morning, bright and early, I added my jellybean filler and a cute, green polka-dot ribbon.  Then, I snapped a photo immediately because I don’t know how much longer this will last in a household of marshmallow/jelly bean enthusiasts?!?

Now, the kids are back to school.  I’m sitting here typing, wondering, “Where exactly did spring break go?”  It flew by in a flash…  It was busy, it was crazy, and it was AMAZING!

Happy to have had such an amazing spring break!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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  1. JAN/NONNIE says:

    As usual Candace, your creation is gold!!! I love it.

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