What Last Week Looked Like

IMG_4751Gaming by the fireplace…!  This board game, Pandemic, is quite fun and slightly anxiety-inducing as you try to cure and/or eradicate diseases from the world.  I’m not only trying to save lives here, people, I’m also getting a great geography lesson in the process!  

IMG_4748Germs and diseases sure do fly when you’re having fun….  er…  you know what I mean?!?

IMG_4864Lunching with the BFF at none-other-than, La Galette!

IMG_4867Finally got a photo of the dessert case – tres magnifique, no?!?  And, the BFF finally got her monstrous chocolate covered strawberry!  

IMG_4837Clue-ing it up with the family!  Still one of my all-time personal fave games ever!  Had to dust off my investigatory skills…

IMG_4757Snugglin’ with the Maddie Mae!  I kid you not, I’m playing board games at the coffee table, and this is where my dog ends up – with her head firmly placed between my knee and a hard place…

IMG_4901Receiving flowers from the youngest child – my littlest, Christian, picked some daffodils out of the front yard yesterday to give to me as a surprise – very sweet!

IMG_4911Observing the most imaginative child I’ve ever met in his natural habitat with his newfound obsession – reading the Magic Tree House book series.  Isn’t he so stinking CUTE?!?  

IMG_4893Cruising around town with the windows down listening to the Black Keys!!!  The kids and I ran all kind of errands on Saturday afternoon.  Can you tell that we’re just bursting with excitement because of the glorious weather?!?

IMG_4898Baking, cooking, and cleaning for small groups on Sunday night.  I made these yummy peanut butter cup cookies using leftover Easter candy.  They were a delightfully perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate-covered peanut butter.  If you like peanut butter?  You’ll LOVE these!!!  Recipe link:  here.  

Happy to have had such a Happy Week!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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One Response to What Last Week Looked Like

  1. abbie berning says:

    Looks yummy!! Look HUGE must have a Huge Flavor! YUM

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