Scent Circle Adventure with the Kids

DSC_9853Hopefully, you’re not tired of hearing about scent circles yet?!?  Today, I enlisted the help of my three kiddos to help finish up some of the circles started with the crafty girls over at the Crafty Collective last week.  Our crafty group had a busy afternoon of tracing, cutting, and sewing fleece circles together, and we all took extra fleece with us to transform at home.  I wanted to see how this would translate with my kids.  So, this is our experience of the scent circle project WITH kids….

DSC_9825I gave Christian a sharpie (dangerous, I know…) to trace circles onto the fleece.  Honestly, this was the messiest part of the project because marker residue gets on the CD and then smudges onto your fingers and smears onto the fabric.  I picked up the CD after each circle that Christian traced and moved it over on the fabric so that my fingers were the ones getting messy (not the boy’s) AND that also helped to spare the fabric.  I’m wondering if there is a better marking alternative for future batches of scent circles???  Will have to research that a little bit.DSC_9846Ben helped cut out circles.  He was trying to cut them super fast, so I just had to repeat:  “Slow down, it’s not a race, concentrate on cutting along the lines!”  I’m not going to lie…  we ended up with some absolutely, lovely round circles, but then we also ended up with some crazy, FUNKY shaped circles…  There were a few that ended up in the discard pile.  I couldn’t bring myself to photograph them…  even though they did have a certain distinct flair!  😉     Moral of the story?  Not everything is going to turn out 100% perfectly (they never do) but it’s still a great idea to involve the kids in a service project to get them out of their immediate bubble and encourage them to focus on the larger community that they live in!

DSC_9843Alex was in charge of cutting out strips of circles once Christian was done with each row, and then she also helped Ben cut out individual circles.  This girl is a good multi-tasker and very precise with her cutting skills.  Know that she wants to be a doctor, dentist, or veterinarian when she gets older – I can definitely see her in any of those professions!  And, look at her cute little pink fingernails that match the fabric!  They just happened to be a cute little coincidence!

DSC_9858Christian had the honor of cutting out our very last circle once his tracing duties were done.  I think that he wanted so badly to be included in the cutting part of the process.  My youngest son has a habit of taking scissors to his clothing….  he has cut fingers off of gloves so that he can have a “cool guy fingerless” pair.  He has cut a robe into strips to make clothing for stuffed animals.  He has raided my felt stash to fashion this or that, most often though, a pair of gloves (I don’t know what his obsession is with GLOVES?!?)  He has cut his long shirt sleeves completely off to make them short AND has also taken long sleeve shirts and cut single holes at the bottom of each long sleeve so that his thumbs have a place to rest (and so that he can look like Peter Parker in the new Spiderman).  I figured I’d give Christian a job without scissors because tracing might be easier for him, but in reality, I should’ve let him cut out circles all along – his circle was cut out SO neatly!

DSC_9854We all had a good time sitting around the dining room table crafting for a cause!  I LOVE to see small hands at work for the greater good!  Once all of the fleece had been processed, and we had a leaning tower of circles in the center of the table, I told the kiddos thank you for their service and let them run off to play.  At that time, I started zig zag sewing the circles.

Lessons learned:  this project CAN be done pretty easily with children.  Look for a different way of tracing the circles because sharpie + kids = messy fingers and messy fabric.  Cater the project to your child(ren)’s strengths so that they enjoy what they are doing.  Emphasize slow, precise cutting of the circles in order to prevent the funky shaped circles (filled with character, just difficult to work with) and to promote the smooth, round circles that make sewing them a breeze!

Happy to craft with all three of my kiddos!  Happy to make scent circles with them!

About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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