Lovin’ Some Lamination

DSC_9930I had a very nice Mother’s Day thanks to my incredibly loving Hubbs and Kiddos!  They spoiled me rotten with flowers, homemade cards, a coupon book of chores from Alex, a thumbprint necklace from Christian, and more flowers!  The Hubbs gave me a giftcard for plenty of pampering  that can be used at my leisure, and I got to choose our lunch location on Sunday after church.  We went to Ciao Italian Kitchen and ate more pasta, cheese, garlic bread, and marinara than was wise.  But lucky for me, there was a Law & Order marathon running all day Sunday, so I got to laze around my bedroom, with full belly, watching Benson and Stabler fight crime.  I’d say it was a perfect day!

DSC_9917I hope ALL of the mommies and the mommies-to-be out there had a FABULOUS day as well!  You deserve it!  I was thanking my husband again this morning for such a lovely celebration yesterday, to which he wisely responded, “Every day should be mother’s day!”  I would absolutely love that, but unfortunately, my sense of entitlement would then kick in EVERY day and we would be swimming in piles of dirty dishes and laundry….  Sooooo, back to the grind for me…

IMG_5509-2But first, my main topic today involves the vibrant fabric shown above + my eggplant zippers = a personal project realized.  For months now, I’ve wanted a slightly larger zippered bag for my purse and gym bag.  I carry the barest of essentials, so everything I need (small wallet with ALL frequent shopper cards, lipstick, ink pen, pack of gum, checkbook, and a butt load of receipts…) can tightly fit into the 6×9″ accessory bag that I sewed up a couple of years ago.  It’s still in great condition even if it does look well loved!

IMG_5560But it’s time to graduate to something more like this!  For two reasons: 1. It’s a little bit bigger, so my essentials fit much better with some room to spare.  And, 2. the cool thing is that the exterior is made from laminated fabric, so it’s water proof and easy to wipe off!!!  This is a BIG BONUS when going to the gym with my water bottle sweating all over the place, and let’s not count out the invisible germs clinging to every surface.  I wanted something that I could easily transfer from my purse to gym bag and back with the greatest of ease.  I think that this jumbo cutie is the answer!

IMG_5439Took her with me to yoga this morning and she did not disappoint!  She snuggled right up against my water bottle and all of my essentials stayed dry!  WOOT!

IMG_5563Gotta love some lamination!  Gotta love that eggplant zipper!

I can let out a crafty sigh of completion now….  project finished!  Or as my Hubbs would say “Achievement Unlocked” – what a gamer!  And, with that, I will be reporting on Craft Hope’s Project 21 – Rally for Romania soon, as we near ever closer to the project deadline.  Please stay tuned for an update (hopefully tomorrow)!

Happy to be a mother (most days)…!  Happy to be celebrated on a flower/card/relaxation-filled hallmark holiday!  Happy for a new zippered, laminated friend to hang out in my purse/gym bag!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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4 Responses to Lovin’ Some Lamination

  1. Angela says:

    Did you buy the fabric that way or did you laminate it yourself? If so, how did you do that?

  2. Angela says:

    BTW, Super cute! As usual, a project that is very cute and very useful!

  3. abbie berning says:

    Love it and love your flowers very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your special talents!

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