A Lettuce Wrapped Victory

Oh, my poor, unattended, lonely blog….  I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected and mistreated it….  I logged in today, with a couple of ideas in my head that haven’t yet made it to typewritten status, only to find a couple of posts already started, but nothing finished.  Please bear with me as I attempt to get my chaos in order!  And rest assured that my blog will be avenged!!!

I think I just declared war on myself…   hmmmm….

My list of excuses as to why regular blogging has not been realized as of late:  the kids started school in August, and so then, all of their extracurricular activities started up again too.  Christian started football, Alex started running for Girls on the Run (training for a 5K), and Ben & I started our music lessons back up.  Wednesday nights at church are back in session (some exciting news there – Gregg and I are helping to teach the kiddos about international music as part of a study on world missions)!!!!

But what takes the proverbial cake in my world of busy, is that Gregg has accepted a new contract in Kansas City, which requires quite a bit of travel back and forth; I’m talking weekly here, folks.  Which means that I’m the solo head of household for half the week. But funny enough, weekly challenges are bringing me even closer to God as I watch him provide through family, friends, the kids, etc.  Gregg taking the contract was a joint decision that needed to be made at this point in time. Chanting to myself, “It’s only temporary.  It’s only temporary.  It’s only temporary.”

Now, it’s time to play catch up on some of these blog entries…

Without further adieu, A Lettuce Wrapped Victory!

A victory!  A lettuce wrapped victory with yoga overtones….!  Let me explain.

I noticed on facebook that Pei Wei was hosting a photo contest for the month of August surrounding their new lettuce wraps.  The theme was different each week.  There were prizes awarded daily and weekly for the best photos.

The theme for week two was:  Wrap a lighter lunch – photograph things that a Pei Wei lettuce wrap fuels you to get done.

And, so, an intense craving for lunch at Pei Wei and a photographic challenge was born!  The Hubbs and I headed there for lunch.  I ordered the Korean Steak Lettuce Wraps, which were spicy and crunchy and flavorful and delightful!

DSC_3407The hardest part of the photo shoot was waiting to eat my food….  I had to set up my camera for interval timing, set the stage, adjust settings, and hurriedly get into pose (preferably without stepping all over my food in the process)!

DSC_3398Twisting Chair Pose – intense “stare down” at the food was unintentional but necessary as I attempted to hold pose without face planting into my lettuce wrap, and thus, forcing myself to reset the scene….  As it were, the photo shoot was successful and no lettuce wraps were harmed in the making!

DSC_3423Lotus Pose – when initially thinking of photographing lettuce wraps, the lotus pose was the first thought that came to mind, which set off this yoga themed shoot!  I would like to thank my Hubbs for supporting my efforts here and helping with my tripod needs!    

DSC_3417Cropped Lotus Pose    And the winner of week two was….  This One!!!!!

My photo won “Best Photo of the Week” for Week Two of the contest with a prize of a $500.00 Pei Wei gift card!!!  VERY EXCITED!!!!  And hungry again….

My gift card promptly arrived in the mail, and the Hubbs and I had an impromptu mini date at the restaurant that very night!  Before you ask, “Where were your children?”  Let me just say that they are not huge fans of the Asian cuisine and they asked to eat at Wendy’s that night, so Gregg and I took advantage of a dinner date by ourselves.

Anyhoo, I ordered my favorite Pad Thai with shrimp.  Gregg had his stand by Sweet & Sour chicken.  It was a lovely first free meal of MANY more to come.  I absolutely love the reaction of the employees after they see the balance on the gift card and give this look of surprise and puzzlement, and exclaim, “Holy Smokes!  Do you want to know your balance?!?  Looks like there’s plenty left!  Did you win the photo contest?”  Fun times!

You may think that the story ends there?


I was sitting at the dinning room table one delightful afternoon, eating some Pei Wei lettuce wraps, and scrolling through facebook on my phone, and noticed that it was now Week Four of the photo competition and the theme was:  Sharing your Pei Wei Lettuce Wraps with Family and Friends.  Well, the wheels started turning and I just could not help myself….

DSC_3968Lettuce Wrap Smiley Faces – I took the kids out onto the front porch and posed them for this photo!  Look at their darling little faces with wide, green smiles!  I laugh every time I see Christian staring up at Ben!  

These kids are such great participants when it comes to my photography, and they helped me win a second $500. Pei Wei gift card!!!!!  I would type out 500 exclamation marks because that’s how astounded I was upon receiving the second congratulatory email, but I won’t…  Just know that I was SUPER EXCITED!!!!

And, that is how the story ends.  I have been taking family and friends out to lunch now for the past several weeks.  Trying new things on the menu each time so that I don’t get tired of eating any one particular thing.  Praises to the Lord for this provision!

Happy to eat yummy food Pei Wei!  Namaste!



About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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One Response to A Lettuce Wrapped Victory

  1. abbie berning says:

    Yum thats all YUMMY!! Was delisihs.! Loved watching the kiddos I liked Christians poetry book. Havent helped out in awhile I missed it. How did Christian do???? Love your lettuce wraps will try that sometime. Thanks for the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ma

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