Valentine’s Secret Missions

For valentine’s day this year, I wanted to do something game-like for Gregg and the kids, since our family is huge into board games these days.  I eventually decided on creating Valentine’s Treasure Hunts… but I’m calling them Top Secret Missions because I like the idea of a spy-theme!

DSC_3229First thing in the morning, while the Hubbs was still trying to wake up, I was pretty hyper because I had kept these valentine’s plans a secret from everybody.  I had also been up for awhile already and had hidden all of the treasure hunt clues.  It was time for Gregg, and yes, I call him Beep Beep, to search for his!  I was like, “Good morning!  Time to wake up!  You want your valentine?  You have to find it!”

DSC_3224Clues for my Hubbs…DSC_3233Clues for the kiddos…

All of these clues were secured inside of sealed envelopes and hidden around the house and neighborhood!

Luckily, for Gregg, I didn’t make him leave the house to find his clues.  Also, luckily, I didn’t photograph his entire hunt because he was still in his jammies….  He was laughing through the entire thing!  He said that this was his favorite valentine’s day so far, that it was a lot of fun solving the riddles!  His prize was a board game, “Mice and Mystics” found in the garden tub in the master bathroom!

DSC_3246When the kids got home from school, I gave them their mission: to work together to solve the riddles and follow the clues in order to find their holiday goodies!  And, I did photograph their hunt!

Clue #1:  Start out on your Valentine Adventure by working together to find a total of 10 clues.  

Sometimes, I get tired and want to take a rest, but instead of heading straight to bed, sitting on the sofa would be best.  Find a soft sofa, on which to sit, and look for the second clue; it can be found behind a square pillow that is blue….!

DSC_3311Clue #2 – Grab your bikes and hit the sidewalk heading east.  When you arrive, you must leave your bike.  And, take a short hike.  Climb, climb, climb to find clue #3 in the place where Christian once got stuck (on a snowy day) in a tree….  It was too cold and windy to make the kids ride their bikes, so instead, we all hopped in the car!



Clue #3 – Wander back to the playground and dance like a fool.  The dancing is important because dancing is super cool.  And when you’re finished dancing, you should check the sign over by the pool.  You know the one, it has all the rules.


DSC_3330Clue #4 – Time to head back home!  You’re doing so well!  The next clue can be found on a stoop where strangers roam and push the bell.  It could be hidden or may be in plain sight, check the flower box or the welcome mat or the house numbers on the right.

DSC_3336DSC_3338DSC_3343Clue#5 – If you’re looking for your sixth clue now, then it’s obvious you work well as a team.  You’ll find the clue you’re looking for inside of a machine, in which all of our dirty laundry gets clean…  Hint:  you may need a tall kid to lift the white lid to look inside.

DSC_3344The kids grabbed their sixth clue out of the washing machine and exited the laundry room so fast that I wasn’t able to photograph that particular stop….  but they were on a roll, solving riddles left and right!

DSC_3345Clue #6 – Ready for Clue # Seven?!?  It’s not far away!  Shuffle out of the laundry room and say out loud “This is GROOVY!. “  Then look on the shelf for a super cool movie.  HINT:  The title of the movie you need to find rhymes with the word:  TANGO


DSC_3350Clue #7 – The eighth clue is waiting inside of a room where a young boy sleeps; inside of his room, a ton of toys he keeps…  There is orange paint and a clue on one of the walls; I sure hope you find it before the clue falls….


DSC_3353Clue #8 – Next up, you’ll go to the place of board games and dice ….  so many boxes….  lined up straight and nice!  Look between Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign for the second to last clue:  number nine.

DSC_3354DSC_3358Clue #9 – Here we go!  On to find clue #10, the last clue before finding your valentine treat!    Enclosed by a small door on a hinge, sometimes we take letters out, sometimes we put letters in.  You’ll find your next clue in a box out by the street!


DSC_3363DSC_3364DSC_3365Clue #10 – You’ve done such a great job!  This is clue # ten!  the envelopes you seek are on a row of keys in the room that belongs to Ben.  Go take a peek!~

DSC_3373The kids found a movie, some money, and sweet treats from J. Rae’s!!!DSC_3376They had as much fun as their dad participating in the Valentine’s Secret Missions!  I’m happy to say that this activity worked well for all ages, including the teenager…!

HAPPY Valentine’s Day to my family and friends and readers!  Hope you all had a lovely day filled with sappy love, chocolate, flowers, or board games – whatever strikes your fancy!


About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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One Response to Valentine’s Secret Missions

  1. abbie berning says:

    Kept me in suspence how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You spy you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lunch was fun thank you and the cookies and time. Love it love it!! love mom

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