February Photos Week 1… and possibly 2…

I hate to admit that I’ve gotten slightly off track with the photo challenge for the month of February.   At this point, I’ve had to pick and choose challenge themes from between two different web sites based on what would be the easiest topic for me on each day….  but I’m still participating and trying to get all caught up! For the first week of February: DSC_2796my view today – I, so badly wanted to catch some geese on the pond last month for the icy theme….  however; they were absent on that particular day.  So, instead, I caught these geese on the pond after coming home from grocery shopping and photographed them for “my view today.”  A few were coming in for a landing and ice skating across the surface! DSC_2824words – I immediately thought of Jodi Picoult – she’s one of my FAVORITE authors!!!  She and her daughter co-wrote a book called “Between the Lines” which I am currently reading.  This is a photograph of an excerpt from that book. DSC_2853hands – I was walking around the house looking for hand models when I saw Alex sitting on the couch playing “Flappy Bird” on the iPhone.  She just looked so peaceful and angelic, but the mission of the day was to photograph hands, so here ya go! DSC_288810 am – this is what 10:00 in the morning looks like when you sleep in on a weekday because the kids are out of school due to snow.  Many times, my 10am looks like the laundry room or my sewing machine; I love it when it looks like food!!! DSC_3000-2what makes me smile – most of the time, my three kiddos make me smile!  Obviously, there are times that I want to pull my hair out, but look at these little faces, how can you NOT smile when you look at them?!? DSC_1002 dinner – yummy bowl of chili for dinner this evening.  This pic was taken BEFORE I smothered it with fritos and cheese….  because by then, it was unrecognizable!   DSC_3105button – I love buttons and have no shortage of them….   Good old fashioned buttons!  A friend of my mother-in-law’s found out that I was making button jewelry, several years ago, and gave me a tin full of antique buttons that were her grandmother’s.  It was quite a gift!  In return, I made her a couple of button rings, one of which she wore on her wedding day! DSC_3126on my night stand – You’ll notice that I only photographed part of my night stand, the cleaner part of it…  hahaha!  I’ve got my bible and a photo of Gregg & I (on the day of our wedding vow renewal ceremony).  That’s all I really need, however; I tend to have a glass of water, several elastic hair bands, and usually a pair of nail clippers on the messier, un-photographed part.   DSC_3209daily routine – Every single day, gotta wash that hair, brush that hair. moisturize that face, put make up on that face, brush those teeth and later, brush those teeth again.  And, yes, that’s deodorant hiding in the top left corner of my photo – rest assured, I use it as well…  DSC_3285 childhood – when I first thought of “childhood”, I’ll be honest, I thought of my kids and their legos.  Legos, legos, legos all over my house, as far as the eye can see.  So, I went into the basement in search of a random pile of legos to photograph, but there were NONE to be found?!?!?!?!  Are you serious?  When did the kids actually start listening to me and start putting the legos away???  Craziness!  So, then I thought of my own childhood, and the first thing that popped into my mind was “Nancy Drew” – I was always reading, as a kid, and was always running around solving mysteries in my neighborhood.  I made detailed maps of the areas surrounding my house and named each one.  You ask my sister about the “Magical Tree Stump” at the end of the street or “The White Forest” that was around the block; she’ll tell you! DSC_3300And, because my kids were looking at a stack of old photos last night, from when I was younger, I’ve decided to post this photo as well for the theme “childhood”  – this is me at age 2.  I know, ADORABLE, right?!?  🙂DSC_3308pattern – I didn’t want to photograph a piece of patterned fabric or an actual thin, papery pattern used when cutting out pieces of fabric to make clothes.  Instead, I thought of sheet music with it’s patterns of notes and slurs!  I enjoy slurring notes on my cello, so much so, that now I have to force myself not to slur…  Got into trouble at my last two lessons for slurring.  Must follow the music as it is written…  or must I…?!?  😉

DSC_3693in your bag – it’s a mess…  I admit it!  I have little scraps of paper with meal ideas and ingredient lists written all over them.  Plus, I have tons of savings cards.  As long as I know where everything is, then it’s perfectly fine, right?

DSC_3738can’t go without – LIPSTICK!  I don’t do much to my hair, don’t like any makeup on or around my eyes, put on a little foundation in the morning to even out my skin tone, but I can’t leave the house without my lipstick!  Any shade of plum or brown will do just fine!1655695_10152226970171170_56577747_osweet –  some of my favorite sweet treats come from this cute little bakery, J. Rae’s – I love their sugar cookies, and their cheesecakes (with sugar cookie crust) AND their strawberry cupcakes – mmmmmm!  This was where I bought valentine sweet treats for my family this year for Valentine’s Day!

DSC_3790phone – this is my phone, plain and simple.  I went ahead and photographed it with the screen illuminated to add a little more oomph.

DSC_3806time – my favorite time of all time!  The Hubbs and I shout it, text it, email it, etc. to each other whenever we happen to catch it!

That takes care of two whole weeks worth of the photo challenge!?!  WOOHOO!  And, my blog has just informed me that I’m out of storage space in my media library…  something to do with WAY TOO MANY pictures uploaded here.  Grrrrr!!!

Happy to still be taking a ton of pics and happy to upload them to my blog!  Not entirely happy about my storage being full; will have to get that figured out ASAP…!  Have a happy Sunday!



About cjbolinger

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children (Ben, Alex, and Christian), a wife who is head-over-heels in love with her husband of 13 years (Gregg), a hobbyist photographer, and a lover of everything crafty! Follow my attempts at domesticity as I cook, clean, and craft for my family...
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One Response to February Photos Week 1… and possibly 2…

  1. abbie berning says:

    Love your Feb photos month. Cool photo shots I like the geese pics. Actually All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! My numbers I like are anything 08 seems to follow me around, look at the clock and there IT IS!!See ya TUES.

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